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  1. John Dear is a priest of the Jesuit order who has been arrested more than 75 times for civil disobedience.


  1. John Dear acknowledges that, at moments of extreme provocation or danger, it is OK even for followers of Jesus to resort to violence.


  1. In Philip Berrigan’s trial in North Carolina, John Dear testified to the judge that their Jesuit superior (called the “provincial”) had driven them to the site of their civil disobedience action.


  1. John Dear reports that his friend and mentor Daniel Berrigan taught him that “change happens when good people break bad laws and accept the consequences.”


  1. The film in class asserted that only by becoming Christian could Native Americans hold on to their land.


  1. John Dear says he doesn’t think ordinary people can truly follow Jesus’s example, and the most important thing is to be a good person and stay out of trouble.


  1. Dear reports that, even though some people think he goes too far in opposing U.S. military and foreign policy positions, Catholics have always supported him 100%.


  1. John Dear traces a historical thread from the conversion of Constantine through the church’s “Just War” theory, to the Crusades, and all the way up to 20th century nuclear development: all these developments, he asserts, sprang from the loss of the practice of non-violence, as had been the case for the first three centuries of Christian history.


  1. John Dear describes his months in jail as a form of low-grade torture yet also a time of profound spiritual grace, of drawing close to the experience of those who suffer.


  1. John Dear tells a story of a time when recruits in his town came to his door, so he could bless their military service.


  1. John Dear asserts that even though the core message of Jesus is one of active non-violence, most Christians have since lost sight of that commitment to non-violence, beginning when Christianity found acceptance in the Roman Empire, under the Emperor Constantine.


  1. According to the film in class on 4/9, Europeans first took Africans into slavery in the year 1526.

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