answer the questions by short essay ( 40-60 words)

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Answer the following questions:

  • There are three branches of government But the Constitution put the Congress at the center of American Government.WHY?
  • Describe the process of law-making by the Congress from the beginning when a bill is introduced to the end when the law is made.
  • What are the Constitutionalpowers of the President?How does the Congress control the powers and actions of the President?
  • What are the following? Explain each one.(20-25 words)

List the powers and the functions of the Congress.

  • Impeachment (2) Redistricting (3) Gerrymandering (4) The Committee System (4) Majority leader (5) President Pro Tempore (6) Oversight function (7)Filibuster (8) Caucus (9) Speaker of the House (10) Conference Committee (11) President’s cabinet (12) Pocket veto (13) Bureaucracy (14) Independent Executive Agencies (15) Nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court justices (16) Bicameral legislature (17) Judicial Review (18) Powers and the function of the Vice-President (19) Congressional case-work (20) Going Public by the President

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