Answer in sociological perspective

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Please select ONE of the following prompts to answer in the form writing/essay.

  1. Throughout the 1990’s, virtually every category of crime in the United States exhibited a steady decline in the number of people being arrested. Based on your knowledge of the sociology of deviance what do you think are the reasons behind this fact? Please be sure to explain the connections between your reasons and the decline in the rates of crime.
  2. Describe actions that can be taken to bring about a more equitable society for older people. In your prescriptions please be sure to explain how they will help according to sociological theories and principles.
  3. Sociologically analyze and explain the following statement: “It is the social control authorities who actually create crime and deviance. Without social control, crime and deviance are actually impossible.”
  4. Observe your family and analyze them sociologically. How do issues like social stratification by race, gender, and age fit with your own family? Which major sociological perspective best explains both the structure of your family and how it operates and why? (Focus on connecting using the material we have covered in class in your answer.)

The key points to remember and include in your essay are as follows:

1. answer every part of the prompt.

2. use the sociological perspective in your answer rather than a simple personal response.

3. focus on connecting using the material we have covered in class in your answer.

4. make sure that your answer is using sociology accurately and consistently.

Addition info:

Book: You may ask yourself -Dalton Conley

Chapter 6: Deviance and Crime (I think some of the question above is link to this chapter)

chapter 6 terms: (you can look online too for more info)……

Conley ; Chapter 8: Sex and Gender

Conley; Chapter 9: Race and Ethnicity

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