ancillary services and revenues graded element 1

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RFP Analysis and Recommendation Assignment

Format: Papers must include:

  • Cover page with all full names; course name and #; assignment; due date.
  • Text should be12 point type, single-spaced.
  • The assignment must start with an introduction and end with a summary.
  • Answers can be either paragraphs or bullet points using MLA format and complete sentences.
  • Please answer the questions using the number and letter system indicated.
  • Points may be deducted for multiple spelling and grammar errors.
  • This assignment can be done in pairs or individually.

  1. Analyze each of the two proposals by comparing each bulleted line item with regard to the optimum operating conditions of the Complex’s food and beverage operations.
    • Using a chart is the best way to make this comparison
  1. Compare and contrast the financial implications of each proposal and determine which company would generate the greater financial return for the Authority.
    • Forecast sales and apply the appropriate commission rates to each company’s sales of concessions and catering.

  1. Create a written recommendation in business letter format addressed to the Authority with regard to which company you have determined should be awarded the contract. Include your rationale, justification, and reasons why you feel the company you have chosen should be awarded the contract based on your analysis and charts. Financial data must be used in your narrative justification and reasons.

Letter should be 4-5 paragraph

The assignment should be 3-4 pages.

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