all answers must be apa format 120 words each.

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Employee Relations

Republican governor Republican Scott Walker stirred up a hotbed of controversy with his stance on public labor unions in Wisconsin. Walker proposed removing collective bargaining from the state’s public employees curtailing the rights of teachers, firefighters, and other public employees to collectively bargain for healthcare, pension and other benefits. This political move brought attention to the plight of labor. In response, labor mobilized and took to the streets with opposition. This eventually led to an unsuccessful, but close recall election.

Residents of Wisconsin, however, were not just up in arms with Republicans. Many are also upset with President Obama’s inability to lead the nation out of the economic slump. With unemployment rates high, many believe that something needs to change. This has led to widespread discontent and frustration with both Governor Walker and President Obama.

Please read the Bloomberg Businessweek article “How Scott Walker Ignited a Labor Renaissance” and the CNN Money article “Wisconsin: Worked-Up Unions.” Then reflect on the following questions:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with Governor Walker’ s move to restrain bargaining rights for public employees? Explain.
  2. Based on the labor relations objectives discussed in chapter one (efficiency, equity and voice), what impact does Governor Walker’s decision to curb the union’s collective bargaining rights have on these objectives for today’s labor? 

  3. How you believe the resistance to Governor Walker’s attack on collective bargaining will affect the general public’s view of labor? Explain.
  4. Is Wisconsin a good or bad example for the nation of how to manage public sector unions? Explain.

Talent Management

Have you ever participated in pre-employment testing? If so, what types of questions were asked? What was the outcome?

2. Do you think cognitive tests help the company economically? Explain your answer.

3. Do you believe that pre-employment testing has biased outcomes for protected groups? Explain. After reading the article, do you believe that this type of bias is ever acceptable? Support your answer.

4. What do you think about the executive attention test discussed in the second article? What screening methods do you suggest that HR professionals use for screening applicants?

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