Adult Horseshoe Crabs Questions

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I need help with a Biology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  1. Where do adult horseshoe crabs live?
  2. The last time I saw a horsecrab was back in the ’70s at Folley Beach, SC. It was dead and my mom was going to allow me to keep it once it dried out. Bummed that I said “no, it’s okay because it would have stunk everything up for a long time. Have you seen a horseshoe crab before? If so, where were you when you saw it – was it alive or dead?
  3. Horseshoe crabs were once collected for the fertilizer industry by the truckloads but that has pretty much subsided since a quart of their blood could go for $15,000 or more. What does the medical industry use amoebocytes from horseshoe crab blood to test for?
  4. LAL reveals the presence of contaminants by?
  5. What percentage of horseshoe crabs die while having their blood harvested?
  6. What are some similarities and differences between the human circulatory system and a horseshoe crab’s?
  7. Why might it be important to find alternatives to harvesting horseshoe crab blood?
  8. What did you learn from this video that surprised you most?

Here’s the link of the video to answer these questions

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