ADMS4010 Organization and Administrative Theory:IER

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Produce a succinct paper, maximum seven pages long, describing aspects of an organization that you have been associated with. You can draw upon a work, volunteer, or school experience. Your paper should include a description of the organization (approximately 1/2 page), your connection to/role at the organization (approximately 1/2 page), and your assessment of how you observed class concepts at play in your experience. Due on IER: 8th April, before 11:59 pm (Toronto Time)

Your report must reference content from at least three class sessions.

This paper will be graded based on the following weighted areas:

  • Application of theory – 40%
  • Quality of supporting evidence provided to illustrate theory in your experience – 20%
  • Formatting of the assignment – 5%
  • Spelling/grammar/punctuation – 15%
  • Style/clarity – 15%
  • Timely submission – 5%
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