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“While you relied on some reliable sources, the assigned text readings must serve as your primary source, as was indicated in multiple places. This week, the assigned readings are Chapters 1 and 3 of the Kroenke text. Please edit your post to include extensive citations from the assigned readings. Among these should be a discussion of the concept of “ethics” according to the principles of utilitarianism and categorical imperative that are discussed in the text.”

Please edit post according to the above critique. The post is below. The reference needed is

Kroenke, D. M., & Boyle, R. (2018). Using MIS. Hoboken: Pearson.

Question six: If you are in this situation, would you leave the company? Why or why not?

If I were in such a situation, I would not leave the company. The decision for the promoter of Yikes to sell the company to Major Capital was perhaps not the right thing to do, but that is already out of hands. Ethical decision making is critical in this case (Wood, 2001). The transition process is too fast than it would be expected. Andrea Parks’s mentions that the company intends to produce bikes which are of low quality than the Yike brand. He also mentions that the company plans to cut some of the employees in the manufacturing department and also in the customer care department. Park argues that those employees who spend much time with the customers need to be laid off. All these suggestions are unethical and harmful to both the employees and even to the customers (Trevino, 2006). Park mentions that the market will take time before detecting that the quality of the bikes is different meaning that the company intends to use the brand to deceive the customers.

The planned layoffs are unprocedural neither do they seem to take care of the employee’s needs. The request by the former promoter that park may take care of the employees is ignored. The employees have not been given any notice on such changes. Given the situation, leaving the company or choosing to stay would not change anything much but perhaps staying in the new company creates a possibility of a few changes. I would use my position to make the new boss understand the right way of doing things and make the decisions which do not harm the employees while still making the business competitive. Leaving the company would also be harmful to my wife yet my resignation would perhaps change nothing to the company. I would therefore not leave but choose to stay in the company.


Trevino, L. K. (2006). Ethical decision making in organizations: A person-situation interactionist model. Academy of Management Review, 11(3), 601-617.

Wood, J. (2001). Ethical decision making. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 16(1), 6-10.

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