A Passion for Science

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When people present their ideas in an authoritative manner, it is easy to assume that they have the experience, skills and education for us to trust their expertise. But how can we know which “expert” to trust? In your position on the Workplace Culture Committee, you can help your peers recognize whether applications of certain theories are based in science or not.

In this Project, you will examine two talks on the subject of motivation, then look into some uses of motivational theories that are promoted by different kinds of expert

Your efforts on the Workplace Culture Committee include helping your colleagues become informed consumers, not just of products, but of ideas. Prepare a handout on evaluating scientific claims on a topic of interest both at home and at work: motivation. Your handout should contain:

  • a summary of the main ideas of each video
  • a list of the parts of each video that are presented as scientific claims or proposed behaviors based on scientific theory
  • an explanation, in your own words, of which claims show appropriate scientific support, which do not, and how you can tell. Base your explanation on the resources on evaluating scientific claims.

You may find it useful to develop your draft content in a table, spreadsheet or simple text document before you create your handout design. Your handout may include graphics or other elements that you feel would appeal to your audience. When you quote a resource or use a graphic that you did not create yourself, be sure to cite it properly.

Please use the following resources:








Handout examples:



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