3 Page Site Visit.

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Alternative Assignment for Site Visit 3 – NJ Labor History – Spring 2018
To simulate visiting one of the sites for Site Visit 3 – the Roebling Museum – visit the following web sites:

The story of the Roebling family, company, town, and its workers is interesting for many reasons. For our class in NJ Labor History, we are especially interested in what this museum can tell us about the workers there in the past, what their work was like, any unions or other worker organizations of Roebling workers, and any examples of conflict, such as strikes.
You should write a 3 to 4 page report on the Roebling Museum, following the directions in Writing Site Visit Reports on our Canvas course site to the degree possible without physically visiting the site. In addition, you should read the random pages from a book about Roebling that gives some indication of the level of labor conflict at the company (attached as a separate pdf and a short pdf about a union vote there). Think about what you have seen about the museum from the websites – do you think the museum adequately covers the story of Roebling’s workers? Why or why not? What could be the reasons for your conclusions?

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