250-word paragraph

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For this assignment, you will write an exemplification paragraph using two to three specific examples.


  • Write a strong topic sentence that clearly states the topic.
  • Identify two to three specific examples related to the topic.
  • Write clear sentences with subject-verb agreement.


Write a 250-word paragraph that explains one of the following topics. Remember that you must include two to three specific examples.

  • Uses for cell phones
  • One quality of a person you know well
  • __________ is an expensive place to shop
  • ___________ is my favorite animal/store/food/activity


  • Remember that you are explaining your topic. This means you will need to make a statement (claim) and back it up with evidence (examples).
    • Statement: My new apartment is nice.
    • Evidence: It has hardwood flooring, which makes cleaning easier. Carpets trap a lot of dirt and animal hair that can’t be vacuumed up. With hardwood flooring, I am able to sweep and mop and see that all of the dirt and pet hair is off the floor.
  • Be mindful of verb tense
    • Past tense: If you are discussing an action that happened in the past.
    • Present tense: If you are discussing an action that is happening now.

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