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2 Pages: in-text citations and citation: 10% originality outside research is required: in your own words. Colin Kaepernick has made a name for himself with the Nike Brand. Nike however has not been socially responsible in its supply chain-often poluting and underpaying labor. Review the four philosophies of business ethics and research the following: which one of the four does nike use to conduct business and which one do you think it SHOULD follow. make sure to give proof or evidence from your research.

  • Use concept or theories in the textbook
  • use outside research no wikis
  • provide specific proof and evidence: data…specific data to support your answers, must credits next to the data and proof
  • must use APA citation as Paraphrases; use in-text citations please list page numbers or paragraph number
  • Use at least 4 resources

Note: Do not plagiarism!!!!!!!

Support materials

Nike and Colin kaepernick


Why companies can no longer afford to ignore CSR


Chapter 3 lecture check attached

Textbook (click to download the E-BOOK)


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