2-3 paragraph about Project scope.

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Prepare a 2-3 paragraph submission, following the assignment template described in the syllabus that addresses the following questions:

  • Why is having a clear project scope important to a project?
  • What kind of activities should the project manager lead to ensure that the scope is complete and accurate?
  • How does getting this initial phase done “right” influence the rest of the project.

Your response is not directly tied to the project you are working on with your group, but you should consider what you have learned from the classroom activities and your reading to formulate your response.


All written reports must be submitted with a cover sheet (Please see the following template).Failure to include a cover sheet will result in an automatic reduction in points.

The cover sheet must include the following information:

Student Name:

Course Name:

Course ID Number:

The Assignment Name:

The Date:


Jane Doe

Project Management Operations


File Naming Convention: The following naming convention should be used when submitting,

Individual, Group, or Team assignments:

  • Individual Deliverable Example: Project Budget Your Name FA18
  • In‐Class Group Example: Procurement Plan Your Group 1 FA18
  • Team Deliverable Example: Project Proposal Your Team 1 FA18

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