2-3 pages, Microbiology Theoretical experiment

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The goal for this project is to design a well thought-out laboratory experiment that you could carry out in a lab or even at home. You will develop the hypothesis, the method (design) for the experiment; a plan on how to collect the data, possible outcomes, and conclusions. In short, you will develop everything that needed for an experiment without actually testing it.

Please take a very close look at the rubric at the end of this document. It will help you to understand how you will be graded and expectations for in this assignment. (2-3 pages).

  • Use resources such as microbiology text books, encyclopedias, HCC Library databases (e.g. Pro Quest Biology, Pro Quest Nursing), journals, and online medical sites to research these questions. Indicate the source of information either in ACS or MLA format. Do not forget to include in-text citations every time you borrow someone’s idea, even if you paraphrased it. Be sure to include the publication date.
  • Comment on the reliability of the source (why you think this source is reliable … “because it is on the internet” is NOT a good answer) under each reference.
  • All references must be cited, and direct quotes from the references must be indicated as such, using quotation marks. However, in science writing, direct quotes are seldom used. Instead, paraphrase the information in the reference, and supply the citation.
    • In the case of plagiarism, all students involved will receive a “0” on this assignment. Thereafter, plagiarism will be handled according to the College’s Academic Honesty Policy.

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