1750 words of reflection on your own past academic report writing

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Choose a recent piece of your own academic writing, such as an assessment task for another subject.

1 Reflect on the processes you followed in producing this writing, from interpreting the task to editing the final product.

2 Comment on the efficacy of the processes you followed.

3 Suggest concrete alternatives to produce a higher quality piece of academic writing.

4 Comment on whether the processes and the language choices you have discussed are likely to be universal in academic writing or discipline-specific.

Refer throughout to relevant literature on academic writing and academic communication general.

More assessment info are included in the closure. All of the format should be followed the main structure which included in the week 5 word doc. The paragraph should have sub headings like what shows on the week5 word doc. In addition, the 12 principles are also can be used for analyzing the past report. Four parts of how analyzing the past report, which are conceptualising, formulating, revising and reading are must be used in the ‘Reflect on the processes’ and ‘Comment on the efficacy’, The detailed info is included in week 4 word doc. Moreover, there are also some detailed info are included in the photos.

For the references, there are the reference that must be used in the assessment :

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