112. Read requirements and write 2pages(500words) answer.

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Question: How do Pacific Islanders
use music, literature and/or poetry as methods of cultural resistance? Explain
using at least two examples from your course materials.

All Critical responses must be
written in TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT, 12 pt., double- spaced with one-inch margins
all around. Your name must be at the top of the page. You will be required to
write TWO full pages for full credit. If you go over two pages, that’s fine.
You must also provide a minimum of TWO examples from your course materials and
cite those you use in answering the critical response. Cite
your sources correctly, specific to the page number for the in text citation.
DO NOT CITE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Use the materials I provided below. You
will be deducted points for not following instructions.


Make sure your answer fits the requirements at all. Thank you!!

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