1 page paper on feminist sex wars?

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Create an essay in which you offer your informed opinion on the feminist sex wars. In your own words explain the major issues on BOTH sides of the debate about pornography. Try to imagine yourself in the early 1980s as a person weighing in on this debate. (To help, think back to the visual culture of pornography as it existed in the 20th century, that we studied in Week 9). Answer: what side of the debate do you find more compelling, and why? You must incorporate at least one of the required readings into your essay in a substantial manner (i.e. do not cherry pick a quote from the first paragraph, do not include a quote without properly contextualizing it and using it to support your argument). There’s no wrong answer here – you’ll be graded on how well you demonstrate your knowledge of this topic, your engagement with the learning materials, and your original contributions to the discussion board.

Due: Friday, March 30 by 11:59pm

I will send pictures of the readings. They are very short.

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